Shirodhara – A therapeutic dream

16th June 2022

It’s been an aggravatingly long journey, but you have finally reached your destination. However, instead of being happy, you are irritable and to your annoyance, you are suffering from insomnia. All the travelling has left your body completely out of whack. 

With international travel becoming ever more common and cheaper, many of us are opting to spend our vacations at remote exotic locations. One of the downsides to this is the time and energy spent travelling. Not to mention, all the adverse effects on your body that might hinder the enjoyment of your stay. 

One way to get rid of all the stress accumulated is to book a massage at a spa. In the Maldives, nearly all resorts boast spas that offer a myriad of soothing therapies (a lot of these spas belong to international franchises).

One of the best therapies on offer to soothe your body and soul is Shirodhara. Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic healing tradition that has been carried out in India for over 5,000 years. Shirodhara is Sanskrit that translates into ‘head flow’ (Shiro meaning head and Dhara meaning flow).  Shirodhara has recently been ‘discovered’ by the western world and is currently being used in spas all over the world. 

During Shirodhara, a stream of warm herbal oil is rhythmically dripped onto your forehead (where ancient Indians believed the third eye to be). The warm oil is poured gently and steadily in a continuous stream. 

Shirodhara is believed to eliminate diseases of the head and disorders that affect the neck, eyes, ears and nose. The therapy also helps overcome stress and its effects on the nervous system and relieves insomnia, tension, anxiety, and anger. In addition, Shirodhara is a rejuvenating therapy, literally making you feel young again.

Usually, spas that offer Shirodhara, arrange a consultation with their in-house doctor or specialist, who recommends the best adaptation of the Shirodhara for your body and the number of treatments needed for your condition. Shirodhara can be done occasionally or weekly for refreshment. For severe illnesses, repetitive sessions of Ayurvedic therapies may be recommended. But for simple problems, like insomnia, one session may be enough for you to sleep like a baby after your rejuvenating experience.

Most spas combine the Shirodhara therapy with an oil massage, a wrap and/or a scrubbing thus ensuring buoyancy in your step as you emerge from the spa after your treatment; rejuvenated in both body and mind.