The Tree Houses of Maldives

15th June 2022

What thoughts do the Maldives conjure up for you? 

Luxury over-water villas, beachside mansions, and perhaps a bubble tent on an uninhabited island if you’re searching for something different. What about tree houses nestled in the jungle? 

Quite a few tree houses are hiding in the lush vegetation in a few Maldivian resorts. Staying at a tree house might not be what you expect in the Maldives, but trust us, it’s quite the experience.

The Treetop Pool Villa at Amilla Maldives floats 14 meters above the canopy of coconut trees. With a capacity for a family of 4, a private freshwater pool, a secluded balcony and an outdoor rain shower, the Treetop Pool Villa invites you to experience the Maldivian forest in pure absolute luxury. Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and palm fronds rustling in the wind. 

Oh, and did we mention that you have access to a beach area entirely reserved for the visitors staying at the Treetop Pool Villa? The beach, ocean, and forest are all within your reach during your stay at the Treetop Villa. 

You can experience a side of the Maldivian islands that is often overlooked: the lush yet humble tropical forests. Breadfruit trees, banyans, bamboo, pandanus, banana, and tropical vines join the towering coconut palms. Resorts such as Amilla Maldives believe one should interfere with nature as little as possible, so you won’t find perfectly manicured pathways leading you in and out of the forest. Instead, you are encouraged to explore the long and winding pathways. Giant fruit bats fly over the trees as colourful lizards scurry and hide from you. 

A walk in the forest is humbling, regenerative, and boasts several health benefits. Spending time in nature strengthens one’s immune system, reduces blood pressure, increases energy, and helps one regain and maintain their focus and attention. After all, the forests are our true home. The Japanese call this “shinrin-yoku” which translates to ‘forest bathing'. Just simply being in the presence of nature is incredibly healing for the soul. Staying at the Treetop Pool Villa at Amilla is one of the unique ways to forest bath in the Maldives. Watch the sunset over the sea of green and watch the forests come to life.