DIY Island Hopping

16th June 2022

The Maldives is one of the few travel destinations left in the twenty-first century where hiring a travel agent can be beneficial. However, it is possible to do-it-yourself island hop in the Maldives! This guide will provide insider tips to ensure your DIY Maldives island-hopping itinerary is your dream holiday.

Before planning anything, you must first ask yourself what would you like to get out of your perfect Maldives vacation. Are you seeking an island experience to relax and recharge on the long white beaches? Or are you seeking an adventure? Would you like to surf the turquoise waves, snorkel among iridescent corals, swim with sharks or dive with manta rays?

Each local island is different and can offer different activities and experiences. Depending on your goals, you will need to select the appropriate location. Ukulhas is the perfect island for unwinding with its long bikini beach, tasty restaurants, and fresh juice bars. Thulusdhoo is world-famous for its surf breaks. Turtle fanatics will love Thoddoo as it is almost guaranteed to spot turtles while snorkelling in the house reef. Maalhos is a perfect hub for divers interested in discovering Maldives’ underwater beauty. Fuvahmulah is famous for its tiger sharks and natural mud baths. There are hundreds of unique inhabited islands across the Maldives waiting to be discovered.

The second tip to a successful island-hopping adventure is to be mindful of transport. Connectivity between remote islands is a major hurdle. Expect transport to be expensive, infrequent, and time-consuming. Try to select islands within the same atoll as there is often more connectivity between the islands with speedboats and the local ferry. You can check the updated MTCC schedule to see which dhonis are travelling within the atoll. A journey on the dhoni is one of the most unique ways to travel in the Maldives. After all, it’s how the Maldivians traditionally transversed the ocean. Transport for between-atoll island-hopping requires a stop-over in the capital, Male’ City.

Once you’ve selected the perfect islands, find guesthouses and reach out directly for information about transport, activities and the island. Most guest house owners and managers are native to the island and will provide the best and most current information. Often, your guesthouse manager will become your local friend in the Maldives.